About Me

I'm Crystal. I am mid 20 something year old professional woman and mother to a 1 year old. I'm [happily] married to a supportive man and wonderful father to my daughter. We've been through a lot and his commitment to myself and our child is strong. We are blessed to have him. Not to say he doesn't drive me batty.

I hold a B.S. degree in Elementary Education, with certification in ESOL and Elem. Edu. I taught 1st grade for 2 years. Currently I teach faculty how to use a content management system. Sounds exciting huh?

I cloth diaper, wear "mama cloth," baby wear, make my own baby food, extended rear face my daughter, sew, crochet, paint, turn ordinary items into things much more interesting, and I refuse to pay for anything I can make. I  love good, dark chocolate.

I suffer from postpartum depression (after my quick labor and delivery [only 3 1/2 hours!] and failed attempt at breastfeeding), TMJ, migraines, endometriosis and secondary infertility.

While I've had a lot more downs than ups, I love my family and I want nothing more than to be actually happy.