Infertility Resources

Listing a few of my favorite infertility blogs, some written by professionals and others written by woman going through it. All worth a read. 

Project Open Hearts - a couples quest to parenthood through adoption and struggles with infertility.
I particularly like this post: So you're pregnant and your friends aren't. Now what?

Our Bittersweet Life- Raw thoughts of a woman going through infertility
I really like this post: Advice for the Fertile Folks, If you ARE fertile, take a look at that post to see some ways to support your infertile friend. Infertility is SO hard to go through. Having a person that understands our needs and won't judge or say insensitive things is a lifesaver.

Among the Blossoms - a blog about a woman suffering infertilty (going on 7 years now) and also snipits of her life. Huge Harry Potter fan! I love this post: Family of an Infertile, written from the perspective of her sister. It is a REALLY good read.

Getting Support: 
We all need help sometimes. We go to doctors for the physical stuff, but what about the way we feel? Check out these sites to find resources to help sort through those feelings of hopelessness, fear, grief, and all of those other emotions that come with infertility.


 I found books to be one of the greatest help through my struggles. Though I'm not struggling with infertility as hard as others, I know the feelings are quiet the same. The heartache, grief, sadness, the feeling of your whole body and world falling apart, yeah, I get that. Check these books out.

Hannah's Hope: 
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