Car Safety

Some stories about Rear Facing:

Rear Facing during a rear-end collision
While driving with 8 year old Kevin and 16 month old Eliza they encountered a traffic jam on the freeway. Mom saw this in plenty of time and slowed down and stopped accordingly. That is the last thing Mom or Kevin remember before waking up in the ambulance. Apparently the person behind her did not see the stopped traffic, and rear ended their stopped Dodge Stratus going 65MPH.

I think if any rear end accident tested the safety of rear facing it was this one. Eliza escaped with only marks on her shoulders from the harness. Kevin and Mom are quite banged up, bruises, ect. Read here for the Mom's account of what happened.

Stories of Children injured in a forward facing car seat (When, if rear facing, the injuries could have been avoided). These children suffered broken necks and life long injuries. Please, read their stories, and think twice about turning your child around. The new recommendations by the AAP is rear facing until AT LEAST 2 years of age.

Joel's Story - Survived with a neck fracture and shoulder injury.

 Kyle David - 3 years old.  On May 29th 2005, Kyle's family was involved in a motor vehicle accident. Kyle was sitting in a booster seat but his seat belt failed which caused him to be ejected from the vehicle and killed