Saturday, February 12, 2011

Car accident

It was all going great. We slept in and we got up and ready to leave. DH got his car started and the fix a flat in so we could go to the tire place and get all of them replaced. I followed him over just in case they blew out on the way there.

I wasn't going to follow him all the way there, but it was raining and I thought that he might want one of the two umbrellas that we had in my car since I was heading up to central fl for my bros birthday and the np meet up. So I followed him all the way there, gave him the umbrella and said goodbye, again.

As I was leaving I Got on the phone with my mom to just let her know that we we're on our way. I always call because it's a 4 hour drive and we just do that in case something happens. Well, as I was pulling out of the shopping plaza, I stopped because of the passing traffic, I was at a complete stop, leaning forward to watch for an opening. I was giving my mom last minute details and all of a sudden WHAM

I got hit. My head slammed back so hard on the seat. I screamed and told my mom I had to go.

I sped out of the car, said not so nice words to the girl that hit me and grabbed the baby out of the car, who was screaming bloody murder. She appeared unhurt and there wasnt any glass on her. The girl that hit us (she's 19) burst in to tears when she saw the baby and just kept apologizing, I was not receptive.

Thankfully, by the grace of God, there happened to be the PB fire rescue already there. The fire truck got there quickly and the police followed after. We only waited, maybe 30 minutes. I refused treatment, I thought I was okay. Addison was acting absolutely normal.

The police officer got a statement from us and then the witness. No doubt she was at fault.

We pulled our cars out of the road and into the parking lot, the same parking lot Jonathan was in to get his tires fixed. The officer got both of our information for the police report and dh started the round of calls to our car insurance. The other drivers got a ticket and appeared to have gotten scolded by the officer. The girls parents arrived and asked if we were all okay. I didn't want to talk to them either.

After we got the police report we waited for the tow truck and as we started moving my stuff from my car to dh's car, the insurance adjuster showed up. She was wonderful, a mother to a 3 month old. She told us that if we went to get the car seat right now and gave her the recipt that she would give us a check. Great! Dh went to get that and instantly when he returned we had a check in hand. One thing down!

Our insurance company set up our rental and our insurance adjuster fought her way to the top of the rental agency to make sure we got a car within our coverage limit. At first they only had a van for 40 a day when our policy only covered 30. Until my car gets fixed, I'm now driving a ford fusion

We have a deductible of 500 which we need to pay, but the damage is estimated at 5400 dollars and our policy covered the car seat and the rental.

The adjuster mentioned that she's kid enough to be forward facing, I said no way, it may be easier, but there is NO way I am turning her around until she is at least two, especially after today. No way, no how. Then I went on about how much safer it is, blah blah blah.

I did end up going to the ER. My neck and back hurt pretty bad. They took a cat scan and it was negative, the doctor in the ER diagnosed it as neck sprain and the paper told me I need to follow up with an orthopedic surgeon on or before feb 14, so i'll be taking care of that next week. I left with motrin, a muscle relaxer, and a narcotic. They said that I can expect to feel worse tomorrow.

The girl hit me h.a.r.d. We were in a shopping plaza on a road where you pull out to the main road. I wasn't on a street, not stopes at a light, she had no reason to be going as fast as she was. She could have killed us. I didn't even hear the tires squeak, it was a complete surprise


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