Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day of appointments

I had my first therapist appointment today. The lady was totally wonderful. She didn't pry to much and she left me with some coping mechanisms to get me through the driving anxiety. I felt really comfortable with her and the questions she was asking me. We also talked a little about TTC and I learned that it took her 14 months to conceive her first. Finally, I have a person in real life that understands. We also share a birthday. I have only met one other person that was born the same day. I feel really good about going back.

I also went to my orthopedic appointment. I told the doctor that my neck does still hurt, and while it isn't emergent or excruciating, it does hurt. It constantly feels like it needs to pop or crack and when I rotate my head I can hear grinding. I have to get an MRI next week and then the following week I have yet another appointment. I'm so glad that she didn't blow me off.

On a side note, she loves my anniversary ring that I wear in my right hand. J got it for me on our first Christmas. We had a nice chat about our others and marriage.

After all that, we went to finally pick up my car. All the damage had been repaired, $5337 dollars. Or close, I don't remember what it said on the sheet. We had to pay $500 of that for our deductible. The auto shop even washed and detailed my car! It smells and feels like new!! The work they did on the rear end looks amazing and you cannot even tell I had to get parts replaced.



Lastly we returned the rental. We were worried about how much the taxes were going to be and then the cost of the extra day. GEICO took care of everything, E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. We got our entire security deposit back. I cannot praise GEICO enough, they really have taken care of us.

We enjoyed a yummy dinner at Applebees to celebrate this all coming to a close (we actually didn't feel like cooking!) hang my car fixed and the rental returned is a huge weight lifted. Now we just need to get all this medical stuff taken care of. I'm so ready for this to be over and for my work and life schedules to not be so screwed up.

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