Monday, September 19, 2011

Ultrasound and Dr. Appointment (not great news)

My appointment today got moved up to 3 pm, so I got to go in early. The doctor was bored and just standing around. Slow day I guess.

He greeted me when I went back. I emptied my bladder and before undressing he asked me what level clomid I have been on. 50 mg. I went in, undressed from the waist down and waited for the doctor. He started the ultrasound and begins looking around. I hear sighs. Dr. L asks me how long it took me to conceive Addison, I told him 9 cycles. He thought I meant 9 cycles with clomid, I quickly corrected and told him no, 9 natural cycles and on the cycle I started e fertility work up is the cycle I became pregnant with her, so he's looking and looking and finally says, well, I don't see anything at all.

WHAT?! Nothing? No, not really. Damn.

So I sit up and he tells me that we can try 100 mg of clomid. I asked him about going to the clinic and if he felt that it was necessary to do so. He told me that he doesn't think so, but I'd I wanted then thats okay. He didn't feel like we have gotten to that point yet and that wouldn't be doing anything different than he is doing now. Probably true. I get dressed and head to his office. He tells me we will do 100mg of clomid next time, if I need it. I asked if maybe I had PCOS and he said no, not from the looks of the ultrasound, but you could have it based on hormone levels. So I went on to ask him about adding metformin. I let him know that I had done some reading and i told him that my fasting levels ave all be high, above 100, and that my 2 hour post meal number has also been borderline high. I have also been having a he'll of a time loosing weight, he told me that is pretty common with PCOS.

Now I have a script for metformin. I start that tonight.

He also told me that my uterus looks GREAT. The lining is fantastic. So I guess thats good news. I didn't think to ask about the actual measurement. I'm going to cancel my RE appointment. At this point in time I don't feel 100% on going. I don't think I would be getting any more from their clinic than I do from my doctor. I feel comfortable with this decision. I'm going to give this a few more rounds. Dr L let me know if that we get to 150 mg of clomid and it still doesn't work then he would recommend that I go to then RE. I'm comfortable with that. With all of my tests coming back normal or just borderline, I don't think they would be doing anytning else and I really don't think they would move to injects. He told me that I don't have to about the progesterone test and I told him that I don't do it when he tells me to anyways LOL I told him that I get the lab draw at 7 dpo. He looked a tad surprised. I don't think he's used to having a patient know their cycle that well. So he wrote me the requisition for the lab work. I'd like to monitor my progesterone to make sure its in OK levels.

I also let him kow how frustrated I was and that may body is giving me all the signs and then nothing. Because right now my ovulation test was getting darker, cervix is wide open, I have a ton of EWCM, ugh. It's so frustrating,

So here is the current plan:
Cancel RE appointment Start Metformin, today
Wait to O, who knows when that will be.
Get a progesterone draw 7 DPO
If af starts then I call in to schedule my CD 14 ultrasound
Start 100mg of clomid
Continue 5 days of estrogen
Continue metformin


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