Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cycle Day 1

Ugh. Another cycle. This marks the 14th cycle of TTC and we're on to 15 months TTC.

I start 100 mg of Clomid today (I'm cd3 today) and I have my ultrasounds scheduled for Nov 4th. We leave on vacation that next week so I'm praying we'll have time to have sex. It's hard when you're not in your own home and you're so busy. This will call for sneaky maneuvers! I hope by now the metformin has started to work. When I meet with the doctor on the 4th I'm going to ask him about Femera, especially if I have a poor response on a higher dosage of Clomid. If not, I guess we'll just hold tight until the first of the year. At that point I think we are going to move forward with the RE.

I just can't bear the thought of still not being pregnant and meeting a year of when I miscarried. I can't believe it's almost been 6 months already.


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