Tuesday, December 6, 2011

RE Appointment 12/5/11

At the start of AF this time, I had a decision to make, either take more clomid (which wasn't working) or call the RE. After crying my eyes out and talking to DH, we decided it was finally time to take the leap and get professional help. Going into the appointment I was super nervous about him flat out refusing treatment because of my weight. I had myself sick this morning. I threw up twice!

We get there today and the front nurse seemed busy, has a quiet voice, but was seemingly nice. I got my vitals taken, HR was 99 (think I was nervous?). Blood pressure was fine. We got back to the other nurse, who basically takes down our medical history. I've never been asked so many questions in my life. That must have taken a good 30 or so minutes. She was also super nice. (We're off to a great start!).

So I go back and meet the doctor, in his office, completely clothed (I've read this is good since you'll feel more comfortable talking about things when you're not naked on the table). He asked us more questions about our medical history. Things about my cycle history, the type of pain I have with my periods, about the birth of Addison, and about my chemical pregnancy. He also reviewed my blood work that my OB office sent over (which by the way they did super quickly!!! I called them late Friday afternoon and it was there this morning. I love that office). Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He mentioned checking for endometriosis. Especially because of the pain during my periods and then also intercourse.

Then he went in to talk about my weight. I knew it was coming, but he did it SO well. He was so kind about it. Didn't talk down to me or make me feel like I'm this horrible disgusting person (much like I was playing it out in my head). He asked some history type questions with that, if I've always struggled with weight, what I've done to try and get healthier, and also about diabetes (Since I had GD with my pregnancy). He wants me to get a 3 hour glucose tolerance test (the same one you get during pregnancy) and he wrote me a script so I can get more strips for my monitor. He wants me testing my fasting and then also 1 or 2 hours after a few meals each day. He really wants to see what my blood sugars are doing, so we can address it. He's also going to order a few more blood tests.

From looking at my history and blood work, he's not convinced that I have PCOS. He said that in order to be diagnosed with that, I need at least 2 of 3 "symptoms," which are elevated testosterone (mine is in normal limits), no ovulation (I ovulate, though late), and poly cystic ovaries (mine look okay). He also wanted me to stop the metformin until after I take my GTT and talk to an internalist about my blood sugar levels. If it is deemed necessary after those tests, then I will continue. He encouraged me to start with a diabetic diet and to get back in the gym.

Since I went in on CD 4, I was able to get a few things taken care of. They went ahead and did 3 day blood tests, an exam, and then also an ultrasound. 
My FSH was 5.5
LH was 2.0
Estrogen was 40 

All normal for CD3. The ultrasound was also normal. Also, since I had great timing with my appointment, I get to hit the ground running...

I have to schedule my GTT this month.

I'm getting blood work to test the following: CBC, DHEA-S, Fasting blood sugar, fasting insulin, free testerone, 17-hydroxyprogestrone, progestrone, prolactin, RPR, T4 (Free), TSH, Testosterone, Thyroid AB, the standard slew of STDs and immunity to vaccinated diseases. He specifically mentioned testing something in my thyroid to make sure that's okay (Since I'm having a hell of a time loosing weight), I think that's the Thyriod AB and the 17-hydroxyprogestrone. I should get this blood work done after they confirm ovulation (they don't want me to have to go and get stuck a bunch of times.).

On December 12th, I'm getting my HSG

December 17, going in for an ovulation scan (which will let them know when I should do the above blood work)

DH has to do a S/A. I think he might get that done this week or so. He also has his own blood work to do.

I think that's it. I'm glad to finally get here. I need answers and I'm so ready. The appointment went great. The staff were all nice, I couldn't ask for better.


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