Thursday, December 9, 2010

back and forth

I've been starting an entry and then deleting it and then starting again. Nothing seems important enough to post.

I'm part of a mothering forum. It's a huge circle of like-minded mothers who's approach to parenting is one through patience, a soft voice, and gentle hands.

Reading through the posts to night, I come across one that just rips my heart out of its chest. A mother of a 14 week old baby boy who has a congenital heart defect has been taken to the hospital via ambulance and is now so unstable that he must be air lifted to another hospital for immediate heart surgery. He's only 14 weeks. That's so tiny. That precious little baby doesn't deserve to have to go through something so major. Life can be so unfair.

If you come across this blog, please say a prayer. If you don't pray, send this baby all the healing thoughts you could possibly muster up. He needs them. And if you have a healthy baby, hold them close, you're so lucky.


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