Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting Back Up on the Horse

I meant to blog about this yesterday.

I'm ready to make a lot of changes. Changes to my mental and physical health. I took the first step yesterday and finally went to the gym, I haven't been in I don't know how many months. It felt good. It was nice to finally be back in that place. I'm going to ease back in it so I'm not sore the day after. My goals are to walk for the next month, for 30 minutes and then slowly start with my running intervals. I was doing so great back in July and then life sort of happened and I got out of the habit.

As far as my mental health, I've gotten my medication under control and now I'm ready to start taking steps to improve it. The medication helps me stay level, but I also need to change my train of thought. The nurse practitioner suggested a positivity journal. I started it for a few days and then, like all things, it got forgotten. Maybe here, I'll try and post daily of the positive things that happened that day. I think I could do that from my phone so it should be easy enough!

Maybe with all these physical and mental improvements my body will finally get pregnant with our second child. That urge and need that I felt so greatly when we were conceiving A is back. I'm ready to be pregnant, I want to be pregnant, I need to be pregnant. I'm not sure what my body is doing but it's defiantly not cooperating. This isn't an infertility blog, but I'm sure I'll post my struggles anyways.


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