Saturday, January 8, 2011

Added medication

Yesterday I took a trip to my PCP to review how I am doing on the Wellbutrin XL 300.

So far so good. I'm not having all of the side effects that I was getting on Lexapro. The only thing I have noticed is the increase on anxiety attacks. I notice them most when I am in the car with my husband and there is heavy traffic (or me thinking that he isn't paying attention). It gets petty bad and I have a breakdown and freak out. I also have them when we are trying to leave the house to go somewhere. I get completely overwhelmed and I can't do anything because I can't find a place to start.

Then on top of the anxiety I've been having nightmares again. The nightmares cause me not to sleep well and when I wake up my heart its racing and my blood pasture must be through the roof. Its horrible.

After telling my doctor this, she told me that the meds don't reach thearputic level until 4 to 6 weeks and that we should go ahead and wait until then to evaluate the anxiety. She did however prescribe a very small dose of xantax (.25 mg). She told me to take it before bed in hopes to cut out the nightmares and let me get better sleep.

I'm so happy with myself because I'm finally getting help. This has bern a long time coming. Im so ready to be feeling better.


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