Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Monday

Today one of my best friends is giving birth. She's being induced so I hope it all goes well for her. I'm anxious to know how it is going. Seems she has forgotten me in the updates. I'll admit, it hurts, but I guess not everybody can text while in labor. I don't see it as a big deal.

Yesterday, I had a great time with my friend M and her son Z. We went to a park that I've never been too and then we went to go see her horse. I think the kids had a great time. They seem to really get along with each other. It is amazing to watch them interact. A was pretty good yesterday, except towards the end of the day. I know her first molars are coming in a d that her teeth hurt, plus she didn't get a good nap. Great for us though! She went to bed before 10 and slept all night long, not a peep. She must have been really tired *laugh*. I had to go in and wake her.

It was so nice getting out of the house. I needed it. I'm really looking forwarded to extended daylight. I love being able to walk after I get home from work. I love having the sun on my skin and being out in the fresh air. I'm hoping we can try to walk tonight, though, we do have to go grocery shopping.

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