Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another attack

Well I had an axiety attack on the way to work today *sigh*. I was doing great. A little iffy about it being dark out, but I was doing okay. Then at a red light, some guy wasn't paying attention and came up on me SOOOO fast. It literally was out of no where. I looked at my clock then in my rear mirror and I just see him coming. I jumped out of my seat and my heart instantly started racing. Que all other signs of an axiety attack.

I did manage to use the deep breaths to help me calm down. It worked and it never did go full blown. I thought I was going to need to pull over to regain myself.

I just wish people would pay attention.

In other news. I had a great day with A yesterday. She really amazes me every single day. Yesterday she surprised me with two new signs that she has learned, "hot" and "cold." I've never practiced those with her and she knows them! My baby can communicate and it's the coolest thing I've ever witnessed. She also now dances and turns herself into a teapot when I sing, "I'm a little teapot..."

I'm off to Physical Therapy in a few. My neck is hurting pretty bad today. Actually, it has ALL fucking weekend. The therapist I saw on Friday really messed something up. She was way to rough. I told her what she was doing hurt and she just kept on. Next time I'm going to have to get up and leave. I suffered all weekend with what felt like a stiff neck. You know that feeling when you sleep wrong and your neck hurts the next morning? It's like that, but on both sides. I know for me it's usually on one side or the other. I've also had a headache on and off since Friday. Before I think it was because of my cycle but this one I think is from whatever adjusting she decided to try and do.


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