Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cycle update - Clomid, Estrogen, OPKs, and other things...

My daily meds, EPO, Clomid, Estrogen (though taken on
different days), multi-vitamin, bee pollen, and two Excedrine
for my seems like constant mild migraine!

Tomorrow marks the last day of taking estrogen! I will have completed my first round of medications. Now it's on to waiting to see what my body is doing. THANKFULLY, I think it's doing something!

Along with the Clomid (days 3-7) and the Estrogen (8-12) I have also been taking EPO, Bee Pollen, and my multi-vitamin. I have been taking 3 EPO capsules a day. One in the morning and 2 at night to combat the effects of poor CM while taking Clomid. I love EPO! If you have issues with CM, you must try it. I'm getting great CM.

I haven't gotten any noticeable side effects from the clomid and nothing from the estrogen. I thought I'd be robobitch to DH, but it's not been too bad. I think I may be a bit more emotional, but with the estrogen, I guess that's to be expected, plus with everything going on in my family, it's hard to tell what's what any more. 

Anyways. I'm CD 12 (it's 2 am right now), I do not have a positive OPK, but this is what it looks like now:
 Yesterday was completly white. It might have had a slight line, but not like this. I hope I get a positive SOON! But, I am getting some cramping, which seems to be my new normal. Also, after going to the restroom, when wiping, I got a huge glob of EWCM. That's usually a sign that O is approaching. If you would like to see a picture (just in case if anybody is reading and unsure of what to look for in regards to EWCM, click here to view, please keep in mind that this is a picture of CERVICAL FLUID, so if you get grossed out, don't click: HERE)

I have a feeling that I might just ovulate early!!! I'm super excited about this possiblity. I've never O'ed on time and it would be nice to know what that's all about and it will be even better if my cycle ended in a BIG Fat Positive! Oh I hope I hope I hope!!!

We're continuing our BD schedule, which has just started! Since I like to get ahead of myself, I put in my O date for CD 14, which would be July 4th, and test day would be July 17th, that's a day before my birthday (one that I am dreading very much, and no, it's not 30!). That would be a nice birthday treat. But it seems, that each cycle that has a special testing day, the results would be negative. But I'm staying positive damnit. This would be an awesome birthday present and I can't think of wanting anything more!

Wish us luck, send us prayers, good thoughts, baby dust, whatever you got (as long as its positive and might produce a baby), I'll take it!

It's 2 am and I'm not sure this post makes any sense, but I wanted to make it anyways :)


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