Friday, July 1, 2011

My journey to a better place.

I'm getting there. SLOWLY. I had a rough weekend and a hard Monday, but I came to work on Tuesday prepared to "do" better. To put myself in a better mood. Force myself to smile, say hi, and to leave my door WIDE open. I buckled down on some loose ends and got them finished. I'll admit, it felt good to finish a project. I have a few more I need to start working on as well. Writing documentation seems to be a never ending task!

I've also picked up my favorite hobby of all, photography. I love it. I LOVE taking pictures. I love sewing, crafting, crocheting, painting, but I love photography more! I'm not that great, but I think my photos turn out okay. Well I finally bit the bullet and bought a new lens, it's a telephoto, which I'm having fun with, as well as many accessories that I needed. A lens hood, macro flash, an adapter ring so I can use some older FD lenses I have, filters, macro filters, and some other little things I know I'm forgetting. I started a 365 project, which you can find the links to on the right. I wanted to start it because with everything that is going on with my life, I needed a distraction. SOMETHING that will take my mind off of all the negative things going on.

I have to say, it's working. All I can think about is what I can take a picture of. Where can I go, what settings should I use, is there a new technique out there... and it goes on. I'm loving it. It FEELS good.

It's been raining this past week. It's off and on showers/thunder showers, mainly happening in the afternoons, typical Florida weather. But, it's really put a damper on what I can do outside with my gear. Yesterday we went to one of the local parks so I could try and get a few outdoor photos (I LOVE the outdoors, the textures of the wood, the patterns and lines on plants, the life, the grennery, not to mention the sweet smell of fresh air). I also got my husband to capture one of my and my daughter... it should look familiar...

She's not making the best face! But I'm smiling well. So there you have it, the real life, "Pessimistic Mother." Umbrella, baby in a back carrier, rain, and all. If it were a wide angle shot, you would see the side walk, just like in the background...

Here is the picture for comparison:
In other news. I found out my grandmother has breast cancer. That awful "C" word. I hate it. Cancer. They said that they think they have caught it early. They are going to do a lumpectomy soon, but won't know the extent of the cancer until they do surgery. Keep her in your prayers.

She marks the second woman on my maternal size to have this type of cancer. My aunt was diagnosed years ago and has had an up and down hill battle with it. She's been in remission twice and last I knew, she was fighting it again. I hate that it keeps coming back.

I'm going to mention this to my OB/GYN and talk to him about when I should start getting mammograms. If I happen to have a gene that increases my risk of getting breast cancer, I want to catch it early.

My family just can't seem to catch a break!

I wanted to go up for the holiday to see my grandfather, but with my daughter sick, I fear giving him any type of bug. I don't want him to decline faster than he already is.

I think I'll be making a separate post about TTC updates and medication. This one is already way to long!


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