Friday, February 18, 2011

My first orthopedic appointment

Yesterday I had may first appointment about my neck. They took x-rays and I met with the doctor. He told me that I have no soft tissue swelling but there was something going on with a few of my vertebras. I'm not sure exactly what he said, I wish I could replay it. Before leaving, he out two tens units on my neck to help with the stiffness. I got a prescription for a new anti inflammatory and a script for 4 weeks of physical therapy.

I start that next Thursday.

All in all, it was an okay appointment. I know that my issues aren't extreme or even bad but I'm glad they didn't blow me off. I have no idea what to expect at the PT appointments, maybe they will help work out some other kinks that my body has.

I really want to try acupuncture.

J also went to the auto body shop yesterday to sign the papers so they can get started working on the car. I'm interested to know the extent of the damage.

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