Thursday, March 24, 2011

Orthopedic and therapy session

The arrows point to the bulging C5 and C6
Today I went back to the orthopedic office to review my MRI. The report indicated that I have two bulging disks on the c5 and c6 vertebra. She said that it wasn't anything too bad. We talked about how the physical therapy was going and that I didn't feel it was helping. She suggested going to the chiropractor. I'm sure that will take up most of April. But I hope it helps.

While I was there, I figured I would mention the pain in my knees and wrists that have been ongoing for several years. The knees since I was a teenager and my wrists since, I think, 2008. Back then the doctor I was seeing said that it was tendinitis, but because I as TTC at the time, we didn't want to do treatment.

Luckily, the doctor allowed me to set up a new patient account then and there so the appointment could be billed under my health insurance. After all the paper work and co-payment, I got x rays of both wrists and knees. The doctor came in shortly after to review the films.

My hands and wrists looked clear.

My knees however, have arthritis. I don't remember the specific kind she said, but she said it more severe in the right knee. Which is the one I have more severe pain in.

Great, I have arthritis at my mid 20 age. Fucking fantastic!!!

Treatment plan is as follows:

Wrists - after her exam, she felt that not only do I have tendinitis, but that I also have some type of nerve damage. It could be something like pinching. I get a burning sensation from my wrists to my elbow as well as skin itching. I have to call tomorrow to set up an appointment with the neurologist to get an EMG/NCV BIL. What ever the heck that is. I'll look it up later and update.

After the neurological exam, I am to set up an appointment with them again to discuss further treatment. In the mean time, she sent me off with two cortisone patches on my right wrists and some anti-inflammatory topical cream.

Knees - as soon as I get approval from my insurance company, I am going to start joint fluid replacement therapy. Which basically means, I'll be getting shots directly into the knees to replenish the fluid that has been lost and to preserve what cartilage I have left. The shorts may or may not work long term. At best 6 months to 2 years. Any relief will be welcomed. Maybe with out the pain, I'll be more apt to get out and exercise!

Neck - chiropractic treatment.

After this is sorted, I'll tackle my ankles, back, and take a look at my tmj again. I sound like such a hypochondriac!!

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