Sunday, April 24, 2011

A wonderful Easter weekend

This weekend was wonderful!

On Friday the DH and I both got massages. After my trigger point injections I figured the massage would help in loosing up the muscles so I can gain some relief. The massage was SO painful. I didn't realize how much my back hurt and how much of my back actually hurt. A gentle touch created shooting pains through out the muscles. They affect past the middle of my back and almost into my lower. All of the muscles are extremely tight. The therapist was actually surprised at how much pain I was in with regards to the pressure he was applying. He was barely even touching me and I was shouting at him that it was just too much (he did back off). The entire hour was spent working just on my neck and back. He probably could have done it longer. I've been sore all weekend, but I think it's going to help long run. I'm going back next week and I'm dropping the Chiropractor.

The drive up was decent and we didn't have a screaming baby. We timed it just right and A slept the entire way. Thank goodness. We got home around 6:30ish, dropped the dog off, got groceries and headed to the BIL's house. I'm so glad we stayed with him this time around. It's nice to spend time with DH's family too. MIL came over and she got to see A and we all got to chit chat. I found some surprising news about BIL's ex-wife. Let's just say that the ex-SIL is not a good person and she does not have good character. So sad.

A slept like garbage that night and did not good sleeping with all of us on the air mattress. I had planned to go to the Great Diaper Change event but we didn't get any sleep. I needed A to get SOME so she would be in an okay mood at Easter lunch with DH's family. Family events come first. I really hate that I didn't get to be apart of it.

Easter Lunch was great. We got all of the in-laws together and A got to see the entire family. The only person that was missing was her Step-Grandma S. Her Great-Grandma L got to see her in what seems like months and she burst into tears at the sight of her. I'm so glad that we can help make sure that A is apart of her life. I really need to get around to printing and sending her pictures!

Easter Sunday was spent with my family. We hit the pool and just hung out at my dad's house. We again, timed it right, and got to driving as soon as A would fall asleep. We ran her batteries down to empty! We stopped to eat before we hit the road for good and she could barely hold her head up.

A is really starting to show her personality. She is funny, sassy, and just so personable and friendly. She really is a character. Some of the faces that she makes just has me in stitches. She had an awesome weekend with the family (on both sides) and didn't scream or freak out when anybody went to hold her, we're making progress! I'm so glad too. I always worry that her mood will hurt people's feelings (like my dad's, when she chooses not to go to him :().

4 weeks until our VACATION!


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