Tuesday, May 31, 2011

OB doctors appointment

I had my follow up for the miscarriage today.

The first thing he said to me when he came in the room was, "what exactly am I doing for you today?"

Sigh, so I had to explain that the nurse said I should come in fir a follow up, and well, here I was. He didn't understand why she would do that, told me to get dressed and to come to his office. Dr. L said he wasn't going to torture me with the ultrasound today.

I immediately thought, what a waste if money, can I get it get it refunded?, and I can't believe I have just wasted my time!

While in his office, he asked me how I was doing, then had to clarify that he meant physically. Physically, I am doing okay, it's the mentally that's all messed up right now. I promised myself I wouldn't cry, I was going to stay strong, well that didn't happen. Instant tears. Ugh.

Dr. L asked me if I was still taking the lexapro, I told him no, and he suggested that if I start feeling myself not getting over this and going back down that slippery slope, that I should consider going back on it. Being sad and crying is all normal, but if it doesn't stop, I need to get help. I agree.

In the mist off all the tears, we discussed a little bit about my fertility and the concerns that I had. I mentioned my fears if not conceiving in another 9 months and with endometriosis.He reminded him that up to a year can be normal for some couples. He doesn't know why it takes some longer than others, but its normal.

He told me that typically with endometriosis, if it is really severe, I wouldn't have conceived Addison and I probably wouldn't have conceived this time, he said that things are obviously working with both of us. All good points.

But then I asked him, what do I do when it gets to be a year? I told that date is August first and the way my cycles are, that's about 1 1/2 cycles. What then? Because I don't know what I should be doing. He told me that we could try a few "tweaks" to my cycle and see if that helps and he be can to tell me about clomid.

He gave me a sheet of paper with instructions and told me to call on the first day if bleeding and the nurse will call in a prescription of clomid and estrogen. I asked him what the estrogen and he told me it s to combat the side effects of the clomid creating a thin lining. So, if I don't conceive this cycle, then at least i have a plan. It makes me feel a bit more confident.

As I was leaving he told me that we should really try and have fun with having sex because TTC can really make it into a chore. He also told me that I need to make sure I have an orgasim :blush: because the contractions help bring everything up where it should be.

My ob also said (when I told him i was worried about not conceiving again for another 9 months), "...and what if you don't conceive for another 9 months, so what?"

It wasn't said spitefully and I guess he has a point.

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