Monday, May 2, 2011

Pain Update

It has been over a week since I had the trigger point injections and since then I have gotten two massages on my upper back and neck. I must say I see major improvement! Finally, a good update. I highly dislike the electric stem therapy. I think that alone, put me worse off than what I was before. Those trigger point injections hurt, but, they really helped release the muscles so they could start to heal. That paired with the massage was like a miracle in working.

You think a massage would be relaxing, but these two were so painful. The first one worse than the second. But totally worth it! If I have any problem, I'm going to the massage therapist FIRST and then I'll seek more "traditional" medical help.

I also got cortisone injections into the tendon that runs in my thumb and through the inside of my wrist. The injection itself wasn't bad. I instantly felt numb and tingly. As that wore off, I experienced the worse pain of my life. Borderline going to the ER. Out of 10, the pain was a 9, my wrist was inflamed and red. After ice therapy and anti inflammatories for 2 days, I started to feel better. I've read the injections don't take their full effect for a couple weeks but as of now, the pain is the same (if not a tad worse) than it was before the injections. My hands are still cramping up when I use them while doing specific activities, like washing my hair or whisking ingredients together. I was supposed to go in today, but had to cancel. I will be going next Monday.

Hopefully then my insurance will have my knee joint replacement injections approved. I'd like to get that started so I'm more inclined to get out and get some exercise.

We are also starting a mold free diet this week so I can see if it improves my joint pain. It's pretty strict. Wish me luck.


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