Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A large temp dip, cycle plans, and other updates

Makes AF inevitable.
HUGE drop, means the cycle is coming to a close.
*sigh* I didn't want to be here. This hurts. Now that I know for sure, that this cycle is over, I hope it hurries up and get's over with so I can call the doctor. I'm slightly worried that insurance will not cover the ultrasound. It's already not covering the medication, though, that's pretty cheap. Thankfully, clomid is only 9 dollars for 5 days worth of pills. I'm not sure how much the estrogen will cost.

I have been having major cramps and horrible lower back pain for the last 2 days. My back feels like it is on fire! I should have packed my heating pad with me today. I'm not sure what I'm going to do if it gets worse while I'm at work. For some reason, I cannot use those stick on heating pads (Thermacare?) any more. They burn my skin. Seriously, my skin gets red and blisters! I never had that happened before, but the last two cycles that I've used them, it's happened.

Here is my doctor ordered Clomid Schedule: 

If AF starts today, I will start my first pill on the 23rd. Meaning I will take them from June 23rd to June 27 (CDs 3 - 7).
My day 14 ultrasound will be on July 5th (should be on July 4th, but I'm pretty sure they are closed that day).
I will take Estrogen June 28th - July 2nd (CDs 8-12)
Try to have intercourse every other day between June 30 - July 10th (CDs 10 - 20)
My CD 25 progesterone draw will be on Friday July 15

Confusing? How about a calendar?
Color Code: Light Green - instructed days of intercourse, Dark Green - my typical fertile days, Golden Egg - Average Ovulation day,  Yellow - usual LP, Red - Typical start of a new cycle
 Wow, that took me a while to get it sized right! It's scary to see that I can even FIT that year marker up there. I think black is a fitting color. I'm interested to see WHAT clomid will do to my cycle. I've heard so many conflicting things from it making woman ovulate sooner to delaying ovulation. I'm hoping for an earlier ovulation, wouldn't that be grand! I have also read that clomid hurts your cervical fluid (CF) so we bought Preseed to help. This expensive bottle of lube is supposed to help normalize the PH balance and keep the swimmers alive. We used it this cycle in hopes we wouldn't need clomid and well, that failed. We'll give it another go, I know DH doesn't like the idea of having to pay 22 dollars for a small bottle.

So with all of this "timed" intercourse, I also have to plan my time up in my hometown accordingly. My Grandfather is NOT doing well at all. I spoke with my father on Friday and learned some things that he was keeping from me. News was not good. I'll just do a list so I don't have to narriate:
  • Grandpa had multiple mini strokes
  • His MRI and CatScan revealed atrophies in his brain and the doctors don't understand why he is does not have full blown Alzheimer's or dementia. He has had several episodes where he has not been himself.
  • Kidneys are failing
  • Heart is weaking and failing
  • Lungs are failing
  • Liver is shutting down
  • He needs constant care (of which is insurance denied him!), Dad's G/f has been helping him daily. 
  • He cannot drive, shower, shave, cook, clean, get to the bathroom on his own. 
On top of all that, when they did his gallbladder surgery, a stone got loose and they had to put some type of stint in to block the stone. They however, did not remove it before closing. Which means, within the next 3 months they have to repeat surgery to remove the stint. I guess it can't stay in for more than 3 months. This next surgery could very well kill him. The surgery itself is minor, but its the anesthesia that his body might not handle well. 

Right now I'm planning on making a trip once a month.  This is going to be a huge strain on our family, especially with us trying to do a slightly medicated cycle. The cost of gas is ridiculous. But I don't want the guilt of not going and then my grandfather passes.

The doctors are giving him no more than a year. While his surgeons give him about 6 months.

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  1. When I got PG with Michael I used 100mg clomid and pre-seed! I wish you best of luck! It was also like a month after a m/c. I'm praying so hard for you that you get a sticky bean soon!