Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My medication!

I was able to call my doctor and get my prescriptions. I was a little nervous when I first called in. I thought maybe they'd question me on the phone or the doctor would take it back *laugh*, it's crazy right!? But they didn't, the staff there were as kind as always and got my prescriptions ready and I was able to pick them up on my way home from work. I ran in and ran out. No questions, no hassles, just smiles. I love my OB office. Seriously.

I ran over to Wal*Mart, since Clomid and Estradiol are on their cheap list. It took an hour but I walked out with scripts in hand and an new found sense of hope. Maybe, just maybe, these meds will help! The total cost, 13 dollars. That's it!

I also picked up some EPO to help with CF since I have read  that Clomid can dry everything up and make a more hostile environment. I'm hoping that the EPO, Estradiol, and Preseed, I'll have the perfect environment so egg can meet sperm with out any type of death.

Last night I also ordered some OPKs, HPTs (they were in a packaged deal). I got 40 OPKs and 10 HPTs for 9 dollars. I also went ahead and ordered RRL (Red Raspberry Leaf) capsules, they are supposed to help with the uterine lining and other menstrual type problems. That was only 5 dollars. Did I mention I'm also taking Bee Pollen capsules? That's supposed to help with egg quality.

Here are my pills! I start Clomid tomorrow (CD 3). I hope I don't get any of the side effects (other than pregnancy! Yeah!!!). I'm mostly worried about the dizzyness. If I have any readers out there, is it best to take it in the morning, afternoon, or evening? Does it matter? I should have asked the doctor!

In other news, AF has not been treating me kindly. More so the endo. Again, I wish I knew for sure, but I'm pretty sure based on symptoms, this is what is causing all of my pain. I had to bring my heating pad with me to work and I've already taken 2 doses of Ibuprofen. I think if I get AF next cycle, I'm going to ask my OB for a stronger pain med script. At least some high dose Ibuprofen! Something. The worse pain is when gas is moving or when I'm having a BM (TMI, I know!, but hey, we all have them). So all of that on top of the usual uterine cramping. It just isn't pleasant. I'd love a hot bath right about now. The only good thing, since I've switched to cloth pads, my periods are not nearly as heavy, in fact, I would just call them light and on the heaviest days, it would be medium. They are just SUPER SUPER painful! In a pain scale, right now, I'm at 8 of 10.


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