Friday, August 5, 2011

A new cycle

I've not been blogging as much, I seem to be down in the dumps lately. A year of TTC will do that to you I think.

Today I went in and got some blood work done. It's cycle day 3 so we tested a few things including

FSH and LH
Testosterone, Total and Free

I think I'm missing something else. I asked them to test my glucose levels and insulin resistance, but I didn't see that on there. So, it looks like I might need to go to my GP and see if they can order that blood work for me. 

I have my well-woman exam set for August 16th, which also happens to be CD 14, so I'll get my ultrasound then.

I start Clomid tonight and then Estrogen on the August 10th. So we'll see. Praying hard this cycle might be the "one."

Also added to my regime of pills, will be some herbs:

  • Woman's One a day Vitamin
  • Vitex Agnus castus to help normalize hormones (though I can't take this while taking Clomid, so I will be saving this one for later, if I need it)
  • Tribulus to help regulate ovulation (specifically helps with LH levels, until the clomid I never got a dark dark OPK)
  • Chromium to help with glucose intolerance
  • Red Raspberry Tea
  • Red Clover
  • Gymnema to help with carb cravings and insulin resistance
  • Magnesium to balance blood sugar levels
It seems like a lot and I might also skip the Tribulus as my LH levels seem better while taking the clomid. I will definitely be focusing on managing my sugar levels with the Chromium, Gymnema, and Magnesium. I'm also going to be watching high glycemic index foods and just overall eating healthy.

Last week my husband and I started walking. He's forcing me which is great. I'm so tired when I get home. We're walking on the days that he gets off early, or has off. Then on days where he's working nights, I'm going to do the steps for as long as I can. I"m at 10 minutes currently as my hips can't take much more. Cardio wise, I'm good and can go longer, but my hips hurt so bad that they burn. It's more in the joints than the muscles. I think my hip problems prior to pregnancy and then pregnancy itself are to blame.

I'm up in the air about temping this month too. I'll decide once AF comes to a close.


  1. Have you thought about adding evening primrose oil to your list of herbs/vities? It helps with you produce more CM.

    I took it when we were TTC Miguel.

    Just a thought. *hugs*

  2. Oh I forgot to put that on there. I took EPO last cycle too. 3 pills a day. I really should get a pic of everything I take. Major pill popper here.