Friday, September 9, 2011

A's Daycare Experience

A started daycare over a month ago. So far, she's been doing okay. My husband says she breaks his heart every day though (poor Daddy!). She's still crying when he leaves, but once he does, she settles quickly and loves playing with the other kids. It has helped that we send Eeyore with her.

The picture to the right is her first day going to day care. DH didn't get a great picture, so that's all I have! 

Last week we had a subsitute. I was super nervous about how A would be, but to my surprise, she did EXCELLENT. She even NAPPED. That's right, I said it. She napped. She actually fell asleep on the floor at somebody elses help. AMAZING. She was a totally different kid when I picked her up. Now she always naps for me and my husband, but hasn't at all for her day care. The subsitute must have been working some magic. I just couldn't believe it.

I still hate that I have to leave her with somebody else, but it helps knowing that she's having fun, she gets a ton of interaction, and they get to do fun things like crafts. I just love the art projects! The woman we have watching her (she runs an in home day care) is wonderful. She's super sweet and I know that she's taking good care of my daughter. It also helps that she was a former teacher!


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