Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 10 of the 30 Days of Thanks Challenge

Today I am thankful for crisp cold air, the colors of autumn, and Rae's chicken noodle soup!

We made it up to Alabama yesterday after a drive that seemed to take forever and a day. I finally got to meet (yes, in staying with somebody I've never actually met before, get with the times people! Just because I met them online doesn't mean they are pretend.) my friend Rae. I'm thankful that she took the chance on me and let me stay in her home. Which is so warm and welcoming, by the way. I'm thankful for her hospitality and for her cooking. I'm thankful that Addison gets the opportunity to play with somebody else all day while we are here. Seeing her interact with her has been so fun to watch.

This trip has been so wonderful and refreshing. I have met good people, had good food, and have really enjoyed ourselves. I'm thankful for these moments!


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