Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 14 of the 30 Days of Thanks Challenge

Today I am thankful for Addison's Monday care giver. I never wanted to put Addison into any type of day care when I went back to work so my husband and I worked opposite shifts to keep her home with one of us. *WE* wanted to raise her. Well a year and a half latter my job took away work from home days, which means we had no choice but to look for a place or person to care for her while I worked on Monday.

I posted some questions in my local Mommy's FB group and this lovely lady messaged me saying that she has an in-home day care, she's licienced, and that she'd love to meet me and my daughter to see if the fit was right. We scheduled a time to go over there and from the very instant I walked through her front door I knew this would be it. I could tell by how she had her home set up for the daycare that she was a teacher. She had a ton of toys, books, and many things for the kids to do. Plus, she was super nice.

I of course did my homework. I pulled up her information on the county website and reviewed it with my husband.

Almost four months later I feel I can call this woman a friend. We have many things in common and I fully trust her with the care of Addison. Plus, Addison loves her too. She just loves spending time with her and her son. It makes me so thankful that I found such a wonderful person to care for Addison while I'm away working.


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