Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 24 of the 30 Days of Thanks Challenge

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I'm thankful for the feast we will be consuming later today. It's just our small, 3 person, family this year. No guests, no visitors, no family. I'm sad about this and I yearn for my family to be here with us. But because of the early start to the retail season, my husband has to work. I think, in the mist of excitement for the sales and deals that stores offer that so many shoppers forget that in order for them to snag that sale at 1 am, a family is missing their loved one who can't enjoy the holiday with them. It's unfortunate, especially for us. My husband's work has now taken away TWO holiday's from us. We will not be able to travel for either holiday because of his work schedule.

I'm going to try hard to not focus on that. I'm going to try and be thankful that my family can mostly be together for this day. We get to sit down together and enjoy our meal. I'm thankful that we have food, that we can enjoy it, and that we have enough of it to never go hungry. I'm thankful that we don't struggle to put food on our table or in our bellies.

((I'll post a picture later today))


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