Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 7 of the 30 Days of Thanks Challenge

Today, I am thankful for medicine. Medicine of all kinds! I'm thankful for Excedrin Migraine to help me when I get my horrendous migraine headaches, I'm thankful for anti-inflammatories when my joints are swollen and achy, I'm thankful for the acne medicine I used in High school to help me overcome that! I'm thankful for Tylenol for fevers, antibiotics for infections, pain killers, narcotics, insulin, chemotherapy, radiation, heart medication, blood thinners, anesthesia, and all the other medications out there that help us fight the slightest cold to the highest degree of illness.

This week we are on vacation and my daughter woke up screaming at 5 am. She screamed two hours and nothing we did could help. Once urgent care opened up we took her in and what do you know, an ear infection. ON VACATION, UGH! I am however, thankful that we probably caught it early (thanks mama gut!) and we have ammoxicillin to help speed up the healing process.

This week I am also going to be able to see my grandmother. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer earlier this year and has gone through a mastectomy and currently is going through rounds of chemotherapy. I am thankful for the medicine that is allowing her to travel down to see all of us.

Medicine saved my Grandfather's life after he had a heart attack and quadruple bypass 15 years ago. I am thankful for that.


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