Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm so sick of the pain

In all of it's forms.

Today, I'm most sick of the pain caused by my TMJ. I feel as if my joint is grinding away every single time I move it. It feels sickening. It clicks, pops (sometimes very loudly), and grinds. It feels like my bones are rubbing together. I feel a pain deep in my ear and it radiates across my face. It causes me to have migraines. I've had an on/off migraine for FIVE days now. I've gone through 8 doses of Excedrin Migraine, about 4 or 5 doses of Ibuprofen, and I know at least a few doses of Tylenol. Nothing is helping the pain.

I'm so frustrated. I hate living with a condition that falls within a grey area. Medical won't cover it because it's Dental and Dental won't cover it because it's Medical. I don't understand how a joint within my body, a very well used joint, just isn't covered. HOW CAN IT NOT BE COVERED?

My joint is disintegrating more and more each day and yet it isn't covered. If it were any other joint in my body then they would not even question providing coverage.

But yet, because it's not covered, I either have to find the money out of pocket, about 1500, to get a procedure done to give me some relief. I don't have that. So instead, I can rack up medical bills (which are covered) that will provide treatment but not "fix" the problem. I can go to the chiropractor, get a ton of pain medication scripts, hell, I'll keep going to my primary too. Maybe even a specialist for PT. That should rack up way more money than 1500 to the insurance company.

Tomorrow I'm going to my primary to discuss my med change, it's just a follow up appointment and while I'm there, I'm mentioning this. I have already and I went through a battery of tests, including an MRI and an extensive visit with the ENT. Not conclusive... other than, "You have TMJ, go visit this guy (who is amazing) but not covered by insurance..." Yeah, thanks guy. I wonder if I have a form of arthritis, not just because of the pain in my jaw, but also my knees, fingers, wrists, neck, and ankles. I'll mention it.

I'm beyond frustrated and this isn't good for my state of mind


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